Timothy Richard Green

Hi! And welcome.

I write in a few different places. Here's a list:

My h2g2 Journal
This is my oldest blog. It contains thoughts, things I'm doing or have done, and suchlike. It is updated infrequently.
TRiG's Links
I call this one my links blog. I link to stuff I find interesting elsewhere on the Internet, and then write a bit about it.
My self-titled blog
This is theoretically my main blog, but is in fact updated rarely. It's an amalgamation of three older abandoned blogs, whose origins are explained in the Tidyup post.
I've been reading
A record of books I've read and what I've thought of them. Mainly fiction; some non-fiction. I wouldn't exactly call these "reviews": they're too short for that.
My h2g2 Personal Space
My "home on the Internet". Hootoo (h2g2) is my oldest Internet presense.
My writings on h2g2
A short list of things I've written for h2g2 (many of them collaberations). Unfortunately, the new skin doesn't show titles: just ID numbers, so you'll have to click the links to see what each one is, or view it in one of the older skins.