Deaf Studies: Marxism & Feminism, apparently

We have Wednesdays off, this term. I spend the day working. So Thursday was our third day of classes. And today, Marxism and Feminism.

There are two classes of the core course on Thursdays, plus my broad curriculum course, Understanding Literature.

(If the timing of these posts puzzles you, I write them after class and then schedule them to be published in the middle of the following day. I’m writing this one while waiting for Toastmasters to start. It’s our first meeting after the summer break too. I must write about Toastmasters one day.)

In Introduction to Sign Linguistics, after a quick overview of the course content we discussed phonology as it applies to spoken and signed languages, including a quick review of the International Phonetic Alphabet and places of articulation in the mouth, before quickly moving on to analogous concepts in signed languages: handshape, orientation, location, movement, and non-manual features (that last covers a lot, such as mouth patterns, puffed cheeks, direction of eye gaze, and movements of the trunk and shoulders).

In Understanding Literature we spoke about the various forms of critical theory, which included Marxism and Feminism and a few others. Feminism was the one he spent most time on. We also spoke about close reading and intrinsic and extrinsic readings. And then we attempted a close reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was glorious. I’d forgotten how charming that book is.

Deaf Education was our last class of the day. Once again we have a Deaf lecturer and an interpreter in the room. Today was, of course, an overview and an introduction, but he didn’t spend much time on laying out the course content, beyond giving us the headings for the material in each upcoming week. Instead, the overview was of different approaches to studying the education system: once again, Marxism and Feminism came up, among others, though in this class more time was spent on Marxism and Liberalism than on Feminism.

It just amused me that I had three lecturers today, and both the male ones talked about Feminism.

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