Second year; second day

And on the second day of second year, class continued. Tuesday morning is ISL 3 Lab, which today meant glossing (i.e., transcribing) the video we’d looked at on Monday. Glossing is tough, but apparently there is published research to show that it does help, so they aren’t doing it just to torture us.

Unfortunately, we have to use the Mac labs for this work, which is painful. The video is made available on the online portal Blackboard, so by default it will play in the browser. Safari does not admit of any keyboard control for playing video: to pause, play, and to skip back and forth you need to use the mouse. I gave up on that pretty quickly and downloaded the video, but Quicktime Player is only somewhat better: the spacebar works for pause and play, and the arrow keys do work for navigating the timeline, but they physically rewind and fast forward, while I’d much prefer a button which actually skipped five seconds. (And since the rewind process is slow, it might technically be banned in an exam situation.) The Windows computer lab uses VLC Media Player, which is significantly better for this work (though I think I recall that its skips are 10 seconds by default, which probably makes sense for normal use; five would be nicer for our purposes).

In the afternoon, we had our first session of Translation and Interpreting, Philosophy and Practice. That’s a mouthful of a title. We call it TIPP. Not all of us are necessarily going to end up as interpreters. There are other options, such as teaching the language or general Deaf Studies. However, we all have to do this module. Today’s lesson was mostly an overview of the course requirements, a review of what translation and interpreting are (interpreting is live; translation is not), and some personal stories from our lecturer of the various ethical issues and other problems that an interpreter must navigate. This class is going to be tough, but fascinating.

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