So, yesterday and today I moved timothy.green.name to a different server. It’s now on the Dotser webserver: my boss offered me free hosting for my websites on the company’s server, and since I wasn’t happy with the existing provider it made sense to switch. I hope nothing on this site is so inflammatory that he asks me to move it again!

Before moving over, I went through and tidied up stuff. I started this blog by importing posts from three old blogs: Voice of Timothy, GreenTambourine, and PoliticalTambourine. The first of those was a lighthearted Blogger blog I created to supplement my h2g2 journal, largely because you can’t embed pictures or videos on a h2g2 journal. The other two were a place for me to vent and to think out loud when I was coming to terms with being gay. They were also written with a different Blogger theme which didn’t have titles on posts, which created problems when I imported those posts here: the posts appeared, but didn’t have a slug (permalink). I dealt with that by simply setting them all to private and deciding to sort it out later. Well, I sorted it out yesterday, going through all my old private posts, giving them titles (in many cases they already effectively had titles, in the form of some bold text at the top of the post, which I could pull out of the post body and turn into a real title), correcting some of the more noticeable spelling errors and fixing some of the formatting, and then resetting to public. It was a strange and slightly unreal experience, rereading those old posts. I was a different person then, cautiously feeling my way into a new sense of self, and yet much of the writing is somewhat bombastic in tone (and some of it isn’t: it’s a bit of a mixture). You can find all that stuff by looking for anything written by The boy with the green tambourine. (I rather liked that pseudonym; perhaps I should resurrect it.)

In other news, while I was moving the database from one server to the other, I took the opportunity to trim it a little. I got rid of all the metadata Akismet (the default WordPress spam filter) stores about each comment, and I deleted a lot of the spam comments. It was fairly easy to go through the database and find and delete every comment from “The Official Louis Vuitton Store”. Much quicker and easier than using the web interface. It’s amazing how many of the spam comments (Louis Vuitton and others) were trying to sell sports jerseys. (The other major spammer product was Dr Dre headphones.)

This is completely unrelated, but it’s in my head right now for some reason, so I’m including it. This is Tim Minchin’s song “Greed (Balsa Wood and Glue)”. It’s amazingly catchy.

And while I’m posting Tim Minchin songs, I may as well include a seasonal one, so here’s “White Wine in the Sun“.

Wingsuit flying. Wow!

Have you heard of wingsuits? I hadn’t.

Click once on videos to play here, and double click to open in a new window (this gives you the option of viewing them full-screen).

Most of these videos are of base jumping, and one is of aeroplane jumps.

I discovered wingsuits from Shankyrich’s journal on h2g2. You’ll find there a link to yet another wingsuit video.

It’s fantastic stuff.

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A photo of a packet of nuts

So, we’ve all heard those silly tales of nut packets with the warning sign Warning: Contains nuts. Well, I blooming well hope so. That’s what I’m paying for, isn’t it? But you can understand. It’s EU regulations, and the law cannot allow exceptions. Imagine, if you will: All foods which contain nuts or nut traces must display a warning sign on the packaging. (Unless it is obvious that the food contains nuts.) How do you define obvious?

But it does get a bit silly when a packet of mixed nuts says Warning: May contain nuts. May? I suppose they’re just sticking the same sign on everything, regardless of how likely it is to contain nuts. May is a beautifully catch-all word, covering the full range of probability.

Now, though, we move on to the next level of absurdity. The packet photographed above warns us that it may contain nut traces.

Yes, I suppose that is a possibility.

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The 60s/70s Party at Luke and Colm’s

I hadn’t planned to go to the party. Not worth the effort of dressing up, I thought. It was Simon and Michelle who changed my mind. “You’d have such fun taking photos of everyone,” they said. They were right. They also said that Ruth would be wearing a blonde afro. That, I thought, would be worth seeing.

Since I made up my mind to go only moments before leaving the house, I was not elaborately dressed.

A chap (me) in a black shirt, red trousers which stop above the ankle, and a red tie standing in a doorway.

Odd for me to be the least weirdly dressed person at a gathering.

Two oddly dressed people on a sofa.

I told Colm he looked like Jack Sparrow. Is that a compliment?

A guy with glasses and very long hair.

And there were more:

Two lads.

A bunch of girls, including Ruth in her blonde afro.

Best dressed lady:

And, after many attempts,

I managed to get a photo of this lady.

A small crowd dancing

At one point, most of ’em went for a walk around the estate. I didn’t.

There really was a lot of wig-swapping going on.

They even got me with one.

And there are no prizes for guessing who came as Elvis.

His dancing, though, was unusually restrained.

Dancing Elvis

And I wasn’t the only one taking photos.

A Photo Shoot

Hey! Someone else wore shorts. That means I could’ve done. Bah!

But at least I stayed in bare feet. Most of the time, at least.

We shall title this picture, Sarah takes evasive action.

Well, we all had fun.

I left early, and walked home, still in bare feet.

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Overheard: From MailMetro

A little letter to Dublin’s free Metro newspaper:

You know how sometimes you pass someone on the street, and you hear just a few words of conversation? That happened to me yesterday. A chain of primary school children went past, and I heard one boy say, ‘Tony Blair’s trousers’. At first I wondered what on Earth he had been talking about. But then I decided I didn’t want to know. It would spoil it.

I think that’s rather beautiful, don’t you?

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