Misogyny in College; a Smackdown; Introductory Feminism; the Horde in Action

So, some guys being initiated into a fraternity in Yale were sent around to the women’s quarters at night to chant vicious slogans. The slogans were vile, they were objectifying, and they contained rape threats. It’s almost certain, statistically, that some of the women who heard these chants were survivors of sexual assault. PZ Myers wrote up a short but clear post about the situation, including a video.

This was a lifelong failure, the result of a poor upbringing that generates bully-boys who think that terrorizing women with threats of rape is hilarious, and further, a culture that looks on these beasts and forgives them, urging them to go on and bring their misogynistic attitudes to their future careers as captains of industry and masters of politics.

It’s that clear cut. It’s obvious. I mean, no one’s going do defend this behaviour, are they? Oh yes they are! And so we get to see the ravening Pharyngula horde in action! It’s not a sight for those of a delicate constitution: blood is liberally spilled. And it’s not for those short on stamina: the thread is closed on the 1150th comment, and the debate continues to the end. It is, though, well worth reading.

(If I’d been posting at the time, instead of reading the entire thing in retrospect, I would have pounced quite early on the issue raised by alysonmiers in post #175: The fear that men instil in other men — whether deliberately or inadvertently — keeps the culture of violence and dominance in place. This point, I feel, wasn’t pursued as fully as it might have been: the conversation developed in other interesting ways instead.)