Not Quite Equality Yet

Civil Partnerships come to Ireland. They are not on a par with marriage, and they offer no protection to children in these households, but they’re better than nothing. Registration opens in the New Year (which I guess means January the 4th), but there’s a three-month waiting period after application before you can actually begin the partnership. A variety of foreign partnerships and marriages will be recognised as civil partnerships from January the 1st.


And Now Who’s the Terrorist?

The Transportation Security Administration, the body which controls security screening at US airports (why are Americans so fond of sticking -ation on the ends of words?) made a four-year-old disabled boy remove his leg braces before going through security screening. He couldn’t walk without the braces. Maybe I should add a category for “extreme lack of common sense”.

“The stupidity is breathtaking.”


What Do You Have to Do to Be Called a Terrorist?

Organise the screening of a prize-winning documentary film on the oil and gas industry, apparently.


Josh Fox made the film Gasland, an exposé of the environmental damage of the oil and gas industry. Mark Ruffalo, an actor who organised a screening of the film, was subsequently put on the Pennsylvania Homeland Security office’s terror watch list.

He thinks it’s funny.

I think it’s scary.


Californian Muslims Report an Undercover FBI Informant to the FBI

Craig Monteilh, a convicted forger, was used by the FBI as an informer in various cases. At one point, he was asked to infiltrate a Mosque looking for signs of radicalism. In fact, his talk of jihad disturbed the other Mosque-goers to the extent that they reported him to the FBI. Some Muslims say they are insulted by the use of informants.