In New South Wales, a proposed law would allow private schools to expel gay students.

The law exempts private schools from any obligation to enrol or deal fairly with students who are homosexual. An expulsion requires neither disruption, harassment nor even the flaunting of sexuality. Being homosexual is enough.

The churches and church-run schools are themselves divided on whether they want the law.

“I think that you explain: this is a Christian school, that unless the child is prepared to accept that it is chaste, that it is searching for alternatives as well, that the school may decide that it might be better for the child as well that he goes somewhere else. I think it’s a loving response.”

Christians really are fond of the word love, aren’t they?


Stephen Green

Stephen Green is a Christian fundamentalist, a rape-apologist, a murder-advocate, an alleged domestic abuser, and a lunatic says things which are ludicrous, absurd, mind-boggling, incomprehensible, asinine and ridiculous*. So why is he wheeled out to be interviewed by the BBC and Channel Four?

Edit: Apologies for for the ablism of my initial wording. I should have known better than that.


* He also shares my surname. This is not good.

More on School Prayer

There’s been an attempt to reintroduce school prayer in Virginia. Of course, the law is not Christian-specific. The legislators simply assume that anyone willing to lead children in prayer will be Christian. The legislators may be wrong. Would you like your maths teacher to lead the class in prayer to Kali?

This has happened before.


Because Rape Isn’t Bad Enough Already

Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Republican state legislator in Georgia, has introduced a bill that would “eliminate the word ‘victim’ from statutes dealing with stalking, rape, obscene telephone contact with a child and family violence and replace it with ‘accuser’.”

Read Melissa McEwan’s excellent analysis.