The Best Countries

Newsweek has a summary of the best countries in the world, measured by a number of different criteria, such as quality of life, political freedom, and economic vitality. It’s pretty interesting.


NOM and the Fake Protestors

The National Organization for Marriage likes to present itself as a civil and polite voice seeking to fight against equality and human rights. At least, they did, until they adopted Louis J. Marinelli as an official spokesman. Marinelli, before and after joining NOM, was notable for he hateful rhetoric.

Anyway, he’s now left NOM, and come out in favour of civil marriage equality (while remaining religiously opposed to same-sex relationships). And he’s revealed something of the inner workings of NOM. To make the movement look more popular, they’re trying to organise a “grassroots” movement, to give them a message which appears to not derive from any specific source. Further, they’re offering rewards to these “grassroots” activists: up to and including the heady prize of dinner with Mr Brown himself!

There’s a word for that: lying.


A Change of Heart at NOM

A professional bigot makes a turnaround: Louis J. Marinelli, bus-driver, tour organiser, and Facebook coordinator for the National Organiziation for Marriage, now approves of same-sex civil marriage. He made the revelation first in a revealing interview with Jeremy Hooper, and then posted about it on his own blog. NOM has gone into damage-control mode.