Awww …. Poor little bigot

Northern Irish politician Jim Allister is upset at some of the shocking, shocking, posters on display at Belfast LGBT Pride.

I was there. I didn’t notice the posters mentioned, but meh. If you find “Jesus, protect me from your followers” offensive, you may be due a little introspection. The Christian protesters’ posters, which you can see in the photo on the Belfast Telegraph website, were, as usual, closely worded religious texts, quite useless as visual impact. (Why is the Westboro Baptist Church the only Christian protest movement which understands the visual arts? Their posters are actually good. Horrifying, but well-designed.)


A First for Marriage Rights in Cuba

Cuba does not recognise same-sex marriage, but it does allow transgender people to be assigned to their actual sex. The forthcoming marriage between Wendy and Ignacio would not be possible otherwise, as Wendy is trans. Interestingly, Ignacio identifies as gay, which just goes to show that sexuality is more complicated than you might imagine.