Open Fonts

One of these days I’m going to write an article about Free Software, Open Source Software (not quite the same thing), Creative Commons, and suchlike. When I do, I really should include some information on the SIL Open Font Licence. The licensing of fonts is interesting, for various reasons.

Anyway, when I do, I should include a link to the Open Font Library, where many open fonts exist. I haven’t yet spent much time looking through them, but I’m quite fond of Jura.


Rick Santorum, Google, and Freedom of Speech

I’m not American, and there is much about the USA I dislike, but I must admit to a fondness for the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Similar protection of free speech appears in other human rights documents, including the European Convention on Human Rights, but the First Amendment seems to hold a special place in American discourse. And that’s why it’s more than a bit off when Santorum demands that Google change their search results to remove unflattering references to himself. What he really should do is treat this as the SEO problem it actually is.


Exodus International Lied

Well, that surprises no one.

Exodus International claim that they don’t try to “cure” gay people. Rather, their mission is to help people with “unwanted homosexuality” grow closer to godliness through a new ideological “identity”. Or something. Their tax records tell a different story: from 2005 to 2007,  Exodus designated over $1 million for “various education programs and publications that explain how to change sexual orientation.” Further, in 2006 alone, they budgeted more than $124,000 for “missions and other outreach projects (that) allow Exodus to reach individuals not actively seeking help who may be open to change”. Okaaay.