Granny Aching (Steeleye Span)

Out on the chalk, she watched her flock
Steady and true
Liniment and embrocation
“That’ll do”

Sheepdog trials come around again
All put to the test
Shepherds whistle up their dogs
To do their best

The Feegle leaning on the gate
They always knew
Hoping for her rare approval
“That’ll do”

When powerful men were proud or cruel
What could she do?
Implacably she’d take them down
A peg or two

Feared yet mild, she hid a pure
A model for her growing grandchild

Trudging through the deepest snow
For the lost lamb
Never a wink of weary sleep
Till all be found
Till all be found

I’ve finally found a sensible definition of “virtue signalling”:

As used by shitheads, “virtue signaling” is a claim that nobody actually believes [good thing X], and the only reason for someone to say it is that they’re trying to curry brownie points with the people who do believe it. Yes, that’s an internal contradiction, but shitheads aren’t very smart.

Courtesy of Lee in the comments of John Scalzi’s blog Whatever.