A transgender girl may be forceably institutionalised

In Germany, Alex, an 11-year-old girl may be forceably comitted to a mental-health institution and forced to live as a boy. Alex says that she has identified as female for as long as she can remember.

She is accepted as female at school, and has been registered as such from her earliest days there.

Her mother is also fully accepting. It’s her absent father who’s causing the problems. Feel free to sign the petition. Of course, the ethics of treating transgender children are complex, but that does not mean that Alex’s clearly-stated position should be simply ignored.

Incidentally, you can also sign a petition asking the press to show more respect to transgener people. Trans* issues have been in the news a lot recently.


2 thoughts on “A transgender girl may be forceably institutionalised

  1. People just need to leave other people alone. Just becouse your different doesnt mean your crazy. As long as we are good people our differences shouldnt matter I have freckles should i be put on an island with only freckled people. Oh and my skin is dark so that narrows things down a little more. WE are all Gods creatures and and should be treated as such.

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