Tom Lehrer: The Masochism Tango

It’s the facial expressions that make this one.

Yes, it’s a song about BDSM. And it’s certainly not of the safe and sane variety, though it may be consensual. As usual, Tom Lehrer turns it up well past breaking point (literally, in this case).

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I’m going to hurt you real good, baby.

Take the pain; take the pleasure: I’m the master of both.

And, because this wouldn’t be TRiG’s blog if I didn’t include this,

Tim Minchin: If You Really Loved Me

This is a … em … love song.


Matilda: “Naughty”

I want to see Tim Minchin’s adaption of Matilda, and I don’t want the experience to be spoiled by too many previews, but I do so love this song. “Naughty” is among Tim Minchin’s best songs. And it’s a life lesson. And it’s true.

I’m not sure who the singer in this one is.

Edit: That version has been removed for copyright reasons, so here’s a replacement:

This version has all four Matildas singing together at the Olivier Awards.


How to Handle an Argument: Tim Minchin

The context of this discussion is “elevatorgate” (though, since the incident occurred in Dublin, it should be “liftgate”). If you follow the atheist blogosphere, or perhaps the feminist blogosphere, you’ll know what that is. If you don’t … I’m not going to explain it now.

Anyway, we have some wise words from Tim Minchin. And some more context from Token Skeptic.


Tim Minchin Ruins Comedy

As we all know, comedy relies on intimacy, and doing a gig in a massive arena is a very difficult feat for a comedian to pull off. Here, Tim Minchin gives it a go, with the help of the Heritage Orchestra.


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