Media distortion of science

Ben Goldacre appears on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show. This is a funny clip about the media distortion of science, but it has some very serious things in it under the light-hearted veneer.

Warning: References to lies about cancer.
Warning: References to rape, and to victim-blaming.

The most shocking thing in that video is the bit about rape. Yes, a scientific press release with the headline “Promiscuous men more likely to rape” was reported in The Telegraph with the headline “Women who dress provocatively more likely to be raped, claim scientists”. Really. Ben Goldacre has more details on his blog.


P.S. This may be an apt time to remark again that this is my links blog. It’s just links to things I find interesting elsewhere. And it is very rarely current. This is an ancient story. It’s still interesting, and it’s something I may wish to refer back to, so I stick it up on my blog for ease of reference. That’s the way my mind works.

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